Our Goals

Through the clubs activities, “Drop and Ride“ aims to reach a number of goals:

Promotion of Gender Equality in Afghanistan

Drop and Ride aims to improve the perception of girls and women in society and strengthen their rights. The clubs volunteer coaches started to teach cycling and freestyle cycling to girls and women in safe places. There, they have access to sport, can join activities in the community, grow self-confidence and are equal to boys and men.

Keep young people away from conflict, drugs and pity crimes

Drop and Ride is a place where young people  from different ethnic backgrounds come together. Here, they exercise and learn new skills in educational courses. They learn to accept each other and how to act in the society and as an athlete. They find the self-confidence and encouragement to do more positive actions in their communities.  So the members finally  become change makers themselves and help others to stay away from drugs and crime.

Encouraging people to ride bicycles to reduce air pollution and fight global warming

Global warming becomes a big issue for the future of life on our Planet Earth. So Drop and Ride started a weekly cycling campaign. In the streets of Kabul and via postings on social media, the club encouraged people of all ages and genders to use bicycles as a free transport option instead of vehicles powered by fossil fuels which damage the environment and global climate by producing carbon in the air.